The family

H.R.H. Don Francesco Paternó Castello e Guttadauro Ayerbe d’Aragona is married to H.R.H. Giuseppa (nee Campisi), Princess of Emmanuel, Duchess of Perpignan, Princess of Aragon. They have two sons : H.R.H. Don Roberto Domenico, Duke of Gerona and Infant of Aragon, born the 14th July 1992, and H.R.H. Don Domenico Salvatore, Duke of Ayerbe and Infant of Aragon, born the 4th May 2001.

As the legitimate heir of Don Roberto II, the present Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House, Don Francesco is “Nobile” of the Dukes of Carcaci (cf. Libro d’Oro della Nobilta Italiana, Rome) and “de jure” Prince of Emmanuel.

In his capacity as Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House of Aragon Majorca and Sicily the titles of H.R.H. Don Francesco Paterno Castello Ayerbe-Aragona are as follows: Pretender to the Crowns of Aragon and Catalonia, of Valencia, of Majorca, of Sicily and of Sardinia; Prince of Catalonia; Count of the Cerdagne, of Urgell and of Rousillon; Lord of Montpellier; Viscount of Carlades; Baron of Ayerbe. He took as his title of pretension that of Duke of Perpignan, reserving that of Duke of Gerona for his first-born son and heir presumptive Don Roberto, Infante of Aragon.

Within the Royal House all members of the Royal Family bear the style “Royal Highness” and the predicate of honour “Don” or “Donna”.

The children of the Head of Name and Arms are designated “Infante” or “Infanta” of Aragon and each bears a title of pretension in accordance with their order in the line of succession : thus the first-born son is Duke of Gerona; the second Duke of Ayerbe; the third Duke of Valencia.

The Salic Law does not apply to the succession, which thus descends in both male and female lines, the latter in the event of extinction of every male line.