Current Officers of the College

The Officers of the College

The current Officers of the College, appointed for life, are:

Perpignan King of Arms & Chronicler (President)

H.H. don Stephen Screech SGDC GrCollMOC KSG, Prince of Monte Sant’Angelo

Aragon King of Arms & Chronicler

Rt. Rev. Dom Thomas Regan OSB GC MOC, tit. Abbot of San Bartolomeo di Lipari

Sicily King of Arms & Chronicler

H.E. Rt. Rev. Fr. Don Guy Selvester GC MOC tit. Abbot of San Leone di Pannachio

Paternò King of Arms emeritus

H.H. don Marcello Coccuccio SGDC GrCollMOC, Prince of Blangiardi

Ayerbe Herald

H.E. Don Maurizio Fantato GC MOC Conte di San Vito

Catalonia Herald

H.E. Don Patrick Walesby MJ MOC Baron of Sant’Andrea

Catania Herald

H.E. Don Andrew Jamieson MJ MOC Baron of Bézu

Palma Herald Extraordinary

H.E. Baron Don Anders Bager GC MOC

Aquila Pursuivant

H.E. Don Carmelo Zerma GC MOC Conte di Adernó

Impavidus Pursuivant

H.E. Don Filippo Di Mauro MOC, Conte di Casalrosato

Double Crown Pursuivant

Ill’mo Don Claudio Campo MJ MOC

Dragon Pursuivant

Don Iliya Ganev MOC

San Salvator

Don Sergio Basile MOC