guard of honor

The Royal Commandery of Carcaci

Article 1
The Guard of Honour of the Sovereign Grand Master is composed of Knights of Justice and Devotion who have made their Vow of Profession.

Article 2
The Governor of the Royal House and the Grand Chancellor are by right members of the Guard of Honour.

Article 3
The insignia consists of an eight pointed cross Sable fimbriated Or charged with the Cross of the Military Order of the Collar. It is surmounted by the Crown and the trophy of arms and hangs from a neck ribbon of carmine colour.

Article 4
The Guard of Honour wears the decoration as a badge on the corners of the collar of the mantle.

Article 5
The Guard of Honour constitutes the Royal Commandery of Carcaci and has its seat at the Grand Magistry of the Order.