The Real Aula Mallorquesa

Real Aula Mallorquesa (RAM)

The “Real Aula Mallorquesa” also called “Real Aula Mallorquesa seu Escuela Miramar” was founded in 1276 by James I King of Majorca, with papal approval and under the direction of Blessed Ramón Llull. Bl. Ramon was the inspiration for the foundation and for three years he personally taught at the school whose subjects covered a wide range of intellectual disciplines, including sacred scripture, philosophy and theology but also oriental languages, rhetoric and dialectic. With Bl. Ramon no longer an active presence to inspire the school it was closed and the premises sold off (in later years belonging to Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria and then the film actor Michael Douglas). But the patronage of the school remained in the Head of the Royal House of Aragon. Thus the Aula was revived in 1981 by Don Roberto II pretender to the Crown of Aragon and Majorca as an academy of higher educational studies, specialising in historical research, science and literature. The Real Aula is a non-profit international organisation whose life President is the Head of the Royal House of Aragon, with the title of “Magnifico Rettore” (or Chancellor, in English) who in turn appoints Vice-Chancellors and the entire Academic Senate. The Chancellor subsequently appoints Academics, either honorary, emeritus, or of merit. As a legally constituted Academy according to Italian law, the Real Aula is entitled to issue Diplomas, however, these do not confer any academic titles and have therefore no educational equivalence to similar titles or degrees awarded by state institutions.

The official languages of the Real Aula are Italian and English.

The Real Aula Mallorquesa publishes a bulletin and the 2010 issue is available for download as PDF from the official RAM site.