knights of justice

Rules for admission into the categories of Justice

Article 1
A directive was issued by the President of the Royal College of Aragonese Arms dated the 5th June 1986 (which arose from a command of H.R.H. the Sovereign Grand Master) assigned to the Royal College of Aragonese Arms the task of supervising the procedure for the proving of nobility in cases of admission to the Categories of Justice within the Order.

Article 2
As a result of this directive the following procedure is prescribed:

a) A person who desires to establish his right to a title or titles of nobility to which he lays claim should provide, together with the documents prescribed for admission to the Order, the documentary proofs of his nobiliary status and an application for a certificate of his rights thereto by a King of Arms of the Royal College of Aragonese Arms, accompanied by a remittance of the appropriate fee for such a certificate.

b) A person who is able to produce a certificate of nobility from the authorities of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George or the Venerable Order of Saint John of Jerusalem or who is recognised as being noble, titled or armigerous in the official records of a State ruled by a reigning sovereign or in a State which keeps such records is exempted from the application for a certificate by the Royal College.

c) An armigerous person should establish that in fact his family has been armigerous for at least two generations in order to qualify for admission to one of the Categories of Justice. He should produce either a certificate to that effect from the Royal College of Aragonese Arms as per sub-paragraph a) or a copy of the grant issued by an authority officially recognised (a Spanish King of Arms, the English, Scottish, Irish, Canadian or South African College of Arms or similar).

d) A copy of a Decree of concession, recognition or confirmation signed by the Head of Name and Arms of the Royal House of Aragon shall constitute proof for the purposes of these Regulations.