Charitable Activities

Charitable Activities

The Royal House and its head, Don Francesco, is very active in a number of charitable activities around the world. As the head of the Royal Orders and through the good work of those Orders, the helpful hand is felt in many countries.

The premier Royal Order is the Military Order of the Collar of St. Agatha or MOC.

Through the MOC and its Grand Priories a number of humanitarian projects are undertaken around the world, a brief listing is available below:

The Grand Priory of Aragon & Catalonia
Contributes to the running of the Basida Hostel for the poor and socially excluded. The image shows MOC Dames delivering several boxes containing food supplies, clothing and other necessary items.
The Grand Priory of the English Tongue
This Grand Priory has undertaken the largest number of projects through its registered charitable organization “MOC Foundation”. This is a short list of current projects:

  • Significant monetary donations to the Friends of Belarussia Children Hospice providing much needed respite care to children affected by the Chernobyl distaster.
  • Very extensive contributions to the Blind Relief Association in Delhi, India that supports those who suffer from this disability in the country.
  • Fully supporting an orphanage for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 13 in Ethiopia and currently expanding it.
The Grand Priory of Northern Italy
The Priory of Friuli supports an orphanage in Bulgaria which houses ninety children. This is ecumenical project run in conjunction with the Abbey of Rosazzo, the local Orthodox Diocese and other local organisations.
The Grand Priory Terra Nordica
The Swedish foundation “Stiftelsen MOC Hjälpverksamhet” is working for the care and upbringing of children, instruction and education, charitable activities for the needy and scientific research, and other enduring humanitarian and cultural purposes. It is a non-profit and non-political unattached foundation which through its own management and gifts from individuals, companies and national or international organizations collects money and distributes them to private persons and national and international charitable projects:

  • Bethlehem project, the Bridgettine Sisters of in Bethlehem are distributing food packages and medicines to needy families with children.
  • Open Door project in the Catholic Cathedral Parish in Stockholm, primarily targeted to people in a difficult social situation.
  • Support of the efforts of the Dominicans in Cameroon

For more information please visit the following link to the relevant MOC charitable organizations: