La Real Orden de Jaime I de Aragón

La Real Orden de Jaime I de Aragón

Article 1

The Royal Order of James I of Aragon (hereinafter «the Order») perpetuates the tradition of the Catalan-Aragonese Empire and the memory of the great King James the Conqueror. It came about for the purpose of rewarding faithful supporters of the Royal House of Aragon and such other persons who may deserve recognition for the contributions which they have made to the preservation of spiritual values or in the various fields of human activity.

Article 2

The Knights of the Order belong to one single class, consisting of the following ranks:

• Knight
• Commander
• Grand Officer
• Knight Grand Cross
• Collar
• Grand Collar

Article 3

The Order may also be conferred on Dames.

Article 4

Awards of the Order are the exclusive privilege of the Grand Master on the proposition of the Grand Chancellor or of the Governor of the Royal House.

Article 5

The insignia of the Order and its emblem are one and the same, namely a cross patty fitchy Argent enamelled transparent carmine. If the decoration is worn as a star it is placed on the left side following the Military Order of the Collar, when also worn.

Article 6

Matters of discipline concerning members of the Order are referred to the Court of Honour instituted by the Military Order of the Collar.

Article 7

The Grand Chancellor of the Military Order of the Collar is ex officio Grand Chancellor of the Order.

Article 8

Full powers of amendment and omission are reserved to the Grand Master.

Article 9

These Statutes cancel and replace those of 1970 and 1988.