The Royal House of Aragon The Royal Orders
H.R.H. Don Francesco Nicola Roberto Paternò Castello e Guttadauro Ayerbe Aragona is the current head of the Royal House that ruled over the ancient kingdom of Aragon which at its peak spanned from the north-eastern Iberian peninsula to the Aegean sea. Explore the site to learn more of this ancient noble house and the recognized claims of this family.

As a recognized legitimate fons honorum, the House of Paternò has introduced new or re-established its hereditary rights to the grand mastership of orders of chivalry, chief of which is the Military Order of the Collar of St. Agatha.
Events in 2014
Very successful investitures have been held this year in Catania and latterly Venice. The spectacular church of the Badia in Catania was lent by courtesy of Fr Massimiliano Parisi and the banquet that followed in the Palazzo Biscari was as spectacular as ever. In Venice we had the signal honour to have Archbishop Sbarbaro celebrate our Mass in the church of S Geremia where the body of the Sicilian martyr Saint Lucy is venerated.
Forthcoming events will include:
10th May: Cardiff (Wales); 23rd May: Stockholm (Sweden); 4th October: Sofia (Bulgaria); 17th October: New Haven, CT (USA); 24th October: London (UK); 8th November: Alcalà de Henares (Spain)